Friday, November 22, 2013

"When I left Art Center, I thought Modern design would change the world. Now, I no longer have such lofty hopes, but perhaps the world is just a bit better off because of it. In any event, good Modern has already proven to be the most enduring, timeless and classic of all design movements."- Milo Baughman

With great pleasure, the Wasser's were able to attend this festive affair! 

FOR 50 YEARS, Thayer Coggin and Milo Baughman collaborated on designs, engineering, and manufacturing techniques that came to define the mid-century modern era of American residential furniture.
Today, the design classics of Milo Baughman, Allan Gould and others are still built and crafted according to their original and exacting specifications at Thayer Coggin furniture. All of our mid-century modern classsics are custom made to order and handcrafted in our headquarters in High Point, North Carolina.
All Thayer Coggin upholstery is bench-made with the same craftsperson
upholstering the entire piece. Our furniture is made with the finest materials available and is fully customizable. Our products are available in a variety of wood, metal and fabric options. Our in-house fabric supply boasts hundreds of fabric choices in a variety of colors, patterns and materials, and we gladly accept client fabrics.
Thayer Coggin uses the highest quality cushioning available: all polyurethane foams used in our seat constructions are environmentally-safe and produced without the use of ozone destroying CFC's. These premium cushions are proven in laboratory tests and actual applications to be durable, versatile and very comfortable.

Welcome to the world of mid- century modern.

"With an ongoing interest in 1950s and 1960s design, a lot of my work has been reintroduced and been very well-received. Increasingly, architects are using these mid-century classics from the pioneer producers of this period."-Milo Baughman

On Oct 21st 2013, the Wasser's Furniture family was invited to share in the celebration of Thayer Coggin's 60th anniversary while honoring a true design star in the modern furniture industry Milo Baughman. The Party was decked out with 60's themed decor, drinks, games and even guests and bartenders dressed up for the part!

We had the honor of meeting the Coggin/Baughman family that evening.
It was a delight meeting Debbie Baughman, daughter of Milo Baugman, who was an absolute pleasure to spend quality time with and get to speak to at this lovely party.

Before the party, I fell in love with the scoop chair and purchased it for our showroom. Later that night, I asked Debbie to take a picture in the chair her father designed, so I can place it in my showroom where we will be displaying a Thayer Coggin/Milo Baughman gallery to showcase some the beautiful designs. Her reply was, "I had no idea my father was so famous, but I'd be happy to!"

Scoop Chair, designed by Milo Baughman in 1953

Photo op with Milo Baughman's daughter, Debbie 

Scoop Chair Poster at Thayer Coggin Showroom, High Point

Dot Coggin & Alan Wasser

The Wasser's with Dot Coggin

Alan Wasser with the staff of Thayer Coggin, it all couldn't be done without their support
We could not be more excited for all the new Milo pieces that will be showcased in our showroom and our new gallery that will be set up in just a matter of weeks! Stay tuned... 

Items are custom made from order by our craftspeople, choose from our extended line of hand-selected fabrics or supply your own fabric - available through all Thayer Coggin retailers
Milo Baughman & Thayer Coggin Biographies 
A brief history of two men who changed the landscape of modern, American furniture.