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Woods, Leathers, Constructions... Oh My. Here you will find the breakdown of all things furniture related to help you become a more informed consumer.

With our Block long Showroom & over 100,000 square feet of warehousing, we can provide all of your furniture and Interior Design needs, including Designer Brand Furniture, bedding, custom closets, lighting, marble flooring, textured wall panels, upholstered walls and headboards, window treatments, wallpaper and more. Whether you’re looking for Art Deco, Bauhaus, Contemporary, Classic, Mid Century, Ultra Modern or Traditional, Wasser’s Hallandale Beach, Florida Showroom has you covered with designs from hundreds of the most recognized and reputable manufacturers.

Personal Service Specialists

With Wasser’s, you can rest assured that you are in the hands of "Personal Service Specialists" (R) as well as furniture experts with a long record of customer satisfaction. Bring us your working drawings or floor plans as we offer professional consultations to complete your designs through the services of Licensed Architects, Engineers and Contractors.
Jaime Wasser, VP & Josh Wasser, Pres.

Jaime Wasser, VP & Alan Wasser, CEO

For clients seeking a more hands-on approach, Wasser’s offers complimentary In-house Interior Design assistance, re-design and decorating services.

 Below information courtesy of American Leather

American Leather Furniture was founded in 1990 on one revolutionary idea: custom leather furniture could be made and shipped in three weeks or less. Founder/CEO Bob Duncan applied “just-in-time” manufacturing he admired from the Japanese car industry to the furniture industry. From a small four person shop, the company has grown into a thriving leader in the furniture industry, with over 130 different collections.

The factory, based just outside of Dallas, Texas, still makes furniture – now in leather and fabric – in just four weeks or less, a delivery standard that’s three times faster than the industry average. From the beginning, the factory was set up to manage mass customization through the latest technology and manufacturing systems, making American Leather the most automated leather furniture manufacturer in North America, if not the world.

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Furniture built to last, Made in USA

American Ingenuity

ImageAmerican Leather is the nation's only leather furniture maker to utilize computerized, automated cutting systems in both leather and wood-part fabrication. Leather and wood parts are cut to within 4/1000th of an inch, resulting in exceptional accuracy and consistency.

An advanced automated leather cutting system from Cutting Edge™ uses video cameras and lasers to scan hides, identify flaws, then nest and cut leather parts.

Our latest technology has allowed us to replace our entire pattern inventory and eliminate the very labor intensive hand-cutting process. Our machinery provides superior accuracy and reliability over other methods. It has proven five times more efficient than hand-cutting.

American Leather was also one of the first companies to adapt cellular manufacturing techniques for upholstered furniture. Workers involved in virtually every aspect of production are grouped into "mini" factories. Sewers, framers, and upholsterers all work as a team to produce an individual piece of furniture. This improves communication and awareness, which results in superior product quality.

Hard wood frames

We care about the long-lasting durability of our furniture. Many of our frames are made using hard wood that has been kiln dried for extra toughness. Craftsman laser cut the pieces into precise shapes that they forge together into a piece of furniture.

Unidirectional webbed suspension seating:

High resiliency, high density foam

Comfort and long-term support is essential in every piece we make. We’ve chosen unidirectional webbed suspension seating as the best choice to pair with high resiliency, high density foam cushions. Studies show webbed suspension increases the life of these highest quality cushions. The combination creates a beautiful continuous design line and a buoyant firmness.

Eight-way hand tie suspension

Many of our pieces offer traditional eight-way hand-tied suspension as an option. Single coil springs are attached with links and then "hand tied" to each other and the frame to achieve superior elasticity in the seat. Best used with down cushions, this kind of luxury suspension is supported by reinforced double-doweled hardwood.


We create our cushions with a highly perfected recipe of foam or down. Each cushion mix is chosen specifically for the best comfort on each frame to create a welcoming softness. Down cushions tend to be softer and rounder, which tends to give a piece a more casual look. High resiliency, high density foam offers more structure and firmness. We also offer extra firm foam on many of our pieces.

Quality Italian Leather,  Information below Courtesy of  Gamma International


The control and direct management of the entire production process is one of the strengths of the company. From the earliest stages of processing the raw wood, which will form the structures of our sofas, the wood is analyzed carefully to eliminate any flaws. Then each component is is shaped with skill, respecting the design. For assembly, high technology materials and superior quality materials are used. By way of example, this can be seen in the wider supporting elastic straps than the ones generally used by the competition in the internal structure, ensuring durability and comfort in our sofas.


In terms of quality we make no compromises, and this is why we take the utmost care in finding the best raw materials. Leather is obviously our first priority and 
it must comply to the highest standards in our industry. It is only due to the continuous effort and research of materials that our upholstery leather can express its true value. Our leathers come from Italy and Northern Europe, countries which are a symbol of quality and renown for their large pieces. We have diverse categories of leather, not only give the product a different look, but provide our customers with a wide choice of models, features and prices. The thickness varies from 1.6 mm to 5 mm for more sophisticated designs, without ever compromising its softness.

Marking out

To obtain quality, the “marking out” stage is a delicate and important process in which we must first identify and highlight the flaws of the leather. Subsequently the shapes made of cardboard, called “templates”, are positioned on the leather while avoiding the flaws and optimizing the surface to be used for the sofa. The quality leather used by Gamma, has fewer flaws and allows cutting of very large pieces. An easy way to verify the quality of leather is to look at the back of a couch: large cuts of soft and thick full grain leather represent a quality product. On the contrary, a patchwork composed of small thin scraps of leather which are synthetic to the touch, is a tell-tale sign of very cheap product.


There are basically three ways to cut and shape leather based on the models to be produced: by using a machine or by hand using electric cutter or a manual cutter. Corrected grain leathers are generally more uniform than full grain leathers and are often cut mechanically by a special CNC machine that scans and detects flaws observed on the leather, and then proceeds to cut the shapes by selecting the best possible configuration. The finest leathers are cut by hand due to their nature and value. Simple and straight cuts can be made with the electric cutter, but more complex shapes require to be cut with the cutter manually.


 We pay attention to every stage of the production process, but it is mainly through the stage of sewing our attention to detail shines through: elegant stitching, perfectly straight, performed with threads of contrasting colors, which not only serve to emphasize the aspect ratio, but to unequivocally express the elegance and Italian style. In the eyes of the customer, this is a guarantee of the quality of our products as few companies are able to offer a such customized features, from the thickness of the threads, and their color, up to the type of stitching, all aimed at satisfying the needs of our customers to achieve exactly what they desire.


Our upholsterers are custodians of an ancient art. Their work requires a delicate and elegant touch, but at the same time a lot of energy and precision of movement. Although some processing steps are fully automated and assigned to the digital control, many others remained unchanged over time and are the result of the manual skills of our craftsmen. They are responsible for “dressing up” the structure of the sofa with the leather chosen by the customer and ensure the seams are aligned and that there are no stains or flaws on the leather. The results of their work are “visible” to the touch: handcrafted products of the highest quality, sophisticated finishing and styling; the most sincere expression of Gamma’s corporate philosophy.

Quality control

The concept of “quality first” in Gamma was born with the company and has always been inherent in our blood. Everything, from the idea of a design itself to the finished product, is conceived to ensure maximum customer comfort, with no hassles. Raw materials are checked upon arrival, and manufacturing stages are constantly monitored to ensure that turn around and production methods are steadily improving. As a result of the company’s efforts, Gamma has been certified ISO 9001 by DNV, the most influential certification agency in Europe and also holds the GOST-R certificate, which is specific to the Russian market. Our guarantee lies in the certainty that all the company’s strivings to obtain such quality levels can be noted by the end-customer through the image, elegance and treatment we devote to our sofas.

Check out all the beautiful Gamma International frames available at wasser's furniture handcrafted by Gamma in Italy.

Costantini Pietro:


Costantini Pietro was founded in 1922, establishing itself as a symbol company in the manufacturing of solid wood chairs.

With its recent collections the company offers a more modern style and international taste. Not only chairs, but also tables and occasional furniture for an impressive total look, with stylistic proposals leading to a timeless design.-

Costantini Pietro Furniture is exquisite dining room furniture, expertly crafted in Italy in custom finishes from solid wood.  This furniture is no doubt comparable to jewelry for your home.  When you see the details of the upholstery on the dining chairs, the sheen of the high gloss exotic finishes, and the sleek design of the contemporary dining tables and chairs, quality will be a given. 

Casegood Finishes
Casegood Finish Options

Seating Finishes

 It blows my mind every time I walk by any of these gems in my showroom, truly how beautiful these pieces are. With so many table and chair style options, and the ability to customize the finish on the tables, chairs and buffets, along with the chairs being able to be upholstered in the customers choice of any color leather, fabric or eco-leather, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your space. 
Leather Colors

Ecopelle Options

Stunning dining chairs

Plethora of dining table options

Endless chairs, barstools and lounge options

Buffets to finish the room

Haute Couture- Quality Upgraded! 

Alan Wasser and Pierpaolo Costantini
Visit wasser's for the largest selection of on display Costantini Pietro Furniture and let our knowledgeable staff assist you in creating the perfect combination to suit your needs!

Quality is not an act, it is a habit. - Aristotle

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