Friday, September 16, 2016

"If you wear things you adore, you just look better!"- Margherita Missoni.... Same goes for your home!



We are excited to welcome Missoni Home to Wasser's Exclusive Furniture & Interiors! Read on to see why we are feeling the magic of Missoni Home!

Need a pop of color in your home? The Missoni Home Accent Pillows paired together or standing alone are a perfect mix of fun, yet chic decor. We are especially obsessing over the Missoni Home Pasadena Pillow, which is designed to make a visual impact in any space. The eye-catching design displays bright, bold tones on the woven fabric while the contrasting hues of pink, orange, green, blue, purple and yellow on the cream canvas complete the charming look of this ornamental cushion. These cushions have strong enough personality to stand alone in the corner of a sofa or topping off an accent chair, and work best stacked with others from the collection that inspire your room goals and express your personal style.  

Stylish and decorative, the Missoni Home Cylinder Ottoman Pouf, is the perfect addition to your living room, bedroom or cozy nook. The stunning multi-colored hued Otttoman can be used for any area of the house and even serve as extra option for seating. This play on pattern is my personal favorite, as I am a huge fan of jewel tones, and I am just loving the Phrae collection for delivering the signature zig zag look Missoni is known for, with the perfect combo of gorgeous colors. 

For those of you into a more calm and neutral setting, you can still achieve the look, yet add some flair with the Missoni Home collection. Horizontal stripes of a multi-colored pattern pop out over a light, neutral shade, creating contrasts and harmonies. The vibrant colors please the eye but still keep it modern and zen. The color schemes and creativity of the elaborate styles adds beautiful décor to any room in the house, without being over-the-top for the more zen-ful outcome. 

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Missoni is the perfect décor for the finishing touches of furnishing your home. From fabrics, to furnishings. the collection, designed by Rosita Missoni stands out for its sunny personality and creative spirit, in which a sense of warmth is interwoven with manufacturing skill.
 "At Missoni Home we place the utmost importance on every aspect of the furnishing: from the sofa to the pouf, deckchairs and outdoor lounges. The authenticity of our furniture comes from a personal touch and the overall approach that we devote to living: no aspects excluded," Rosita Missoni. We couldn't agree more! 

All products below available at Wasser's exclusive, Click here to shop the look!


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  8. Missoni Home seamlessly blends bold colors, intricate patterns, and luxurious textures to create a unique and sophisticated aesthetic for home decor. The collection encompasses a wide range of products, including furniture, textiles, bedding, bath linens, and accessories, all featuring the signature Missoni zigzag patterns and kaleidoscopic motifs.
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